LBiome™ receives the NIE 2021 award

NIE 2021

We are proud to announce that our LBiome™ ingredient receives the NIE 2021 award. The news in detail in this article, with the reasons for this victory and the opinion of our teams.

Condition Specific Category NIE 2021 award for LBiome™

Nutrition Industry Executive has awarded LBiome™ for their condition specific category. 4 reasons why LBiome™ receives this award according to the jury:

  • Great appeal to formulators
  • Vast research portfolio
  • Shelf & gastric stability
  • Versatility in dosing formats

To know more about our ingredient, visit the dedicated section.

What do our teams say about the award?

Ludger Roedder, President of Adare Biome, said:

“On behalf of the Adare Biome team, I am honored that LBiome has been recognized as an effective, safe, and natural ingredient to improve human nutrition. We believe in the power of postbiotics to revolutionize human health, and LBiome has proven to be a pioneer in the postbiotics space. I am convinced that LBiome™ is well positioned to meet growing interest and consumer needs to improve human health and wellbeing by using postbiotics.”

None of this would have been possible without our distributor in the US, Stratum Nutrition.

Micah Osborne, President of Stratum Nutrition, said:

“As a proud distributor of LBiome™, we are excited to see it gain recognition in the industry as the pioneer in postbiotics. With its proven safety and the extent of published research supporting its benefits as a digestive aid, it is the perfect addition to our ingredient portfolio. LBiome™ is well-positioned to meet the demand of this emerging category in the microbiome space.”

This award recognizes LBiome™ as a scienced-backed, stable and safe postbiotic ingredient, with more digestive health supporting research than any other human origin postbiotic currently on the market. The era of postbiotics is underway, and we are only at the beginning of the popularization.

To access NIE magazine and the announcement of the NIE Award, please click here.

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