As an expert and pioneer in postbiotics, we are proud to introduce our ingredient:

LBiome™ (Lactobacillus LB), is a unique postbiotic, based on our thorough knowledge of the microbiota.

A “postbiotic” is “a preparation of inanimate microorganisms and/or their components that confers a health benefit on the host.”1

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LBiome™ is a combination of 2 human-origin strains: L. fermentum and L. delbrueckii, and the fermented culture medium. Both strains are stored at Pasteur Institute in Paris. Following research in postbiotics for over 100 years, LBiome™ is the “pioneer in postbiotics”. There are decades of published research demonstrating quick and effective digestive health support in both adult and pediatric populations.

How is LBiome ™ produced?

LBiome™ is produced using our proprietary ECHO™ process. Our Echo™ process Enriches, Concentrates and Heat-treats Organisms. It consists of 5 steps:

Bacterial Ferment


Collection of fermentation products

Heat treatment


With this treatment, LBiome™ is fully stabilized. This proprietary process and our high-quality standards enable large-scale cGMP production of our ingredient. Moreover, Adare Biome now has decades of experience in using this ECHO™ process, which has been continuously improved over the years.

In fine, LBiome™ includes the heat-stabilized, inanimate bacterial cells plus all the metabolites produced during the fermentation plus the fermented culture medium.

LBiome™ is technically superior to probiotics

3 reasons LBiome™ is the best solution for your products developement. 

Thanks to our heat-treating and drying process, LBiome™ is extremely stable. It makes our ingredient suitable for harsh manufacturing processes or environments. Moreover, there are no contamination concerns. Finally, LBiome™ is easy to use, coming in dry powder form, it is easy to incorporate in any food, beverage, or food supplement.

Lactobacillus LB Is the active ingredient of a pharmaceutical drug that is registered, marketed and used by millions of patients in almost 40 countries around the world. Moreover, Lactobacillus LB is one of only 4 strains with positive recommendation from ESPGHAN (European Society for Pediatric Gastroenterology, Hepatology and Nutrition.)

As a postbiotic, there is no risk of translocation from gut lumen to blood, especially in vulnerable subjects like children. Moreover, unlike probiotics, there is no risk of acquisition or retransfer of antibiotic resistance genes.

LBiome™ benefits

LBiome™ contains Lactobacillus LB, which has been thoroughly researched: almost 50 studies about its effects have been published, on humans, animals and cell-cultures! Today, we can affirm that LBiome™ has significant biological effects.

LBiome™ has multiple mechanisms of action that benefit gut health:

1. LBiome™ helps shield the gut from undesirable bacteria

• Our ingredient helps neutralize undesirable bacteria in the gut.
• It contains a unique anti-bacterial compound that inhibits disease-causing bacteria.
• It creates a protective biofilm that helps protect the gut from undesirable invasive bacteria.

2. LBiome™ helps protect, support and strengthen tight junctions

• Protects tight junctions to maintain barrier integrity. Indeed, when tight junctions are weak, it can lead to an undesirable inflammatory response in the body2.

3. LBiome™ works with the host’s own microbiome to help improve gut health & immunity

• The latest research shows that our ingredient helps beneficial gut bacteria flourish.
• LBiome™ might stimulate the immune system to help body fight against undesirable microorganisms.


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