Is it still possible to innovate in the dietary supplements market?

dietary supplements market

This is the question that every nutraceutical company is looking to answer. To shed some light on this issue, we take a look at the current dietary supplements market and the wealth of opportunities for innovation we believe it has to offer. In recent years, and especially since the Covid-19 health crisis, dietary supplements have […]

Postbiotics: the future of functional petfood?

functional petfood

Like owner like pet: major trends in human nutrition are also applicable to petfood. After organic and local food, it is now the turn for functional petfood to make its way on the market. Following human trends, the interest in digestive health is particularly on the rise. Functional petfood: a growing topic The petfood market […]

Adare Biome at Vitafoods 2022

vitafoods 2022

For the first time, Adare Biome will be part of Vitafoods 2022 to present is pioneering postbiotic solution! Vitafoods is the annual meeting of the nutraceutical sector. It takes place at Palexpo, Geneva and will be held from May 10 to 12. Come and meet us during this unique event! Adare Biome will attend Vitafoods […]

The bifidogenic effect: an effect that boosts bifidobacteria populations

bifidogenic effect

Recent research studies on Lactobacillus LB, the active ingredient of LBiome, show its bifidogenic effect. This means that Lactobacillus LB stimulates the growth of bifidobacteria. Let’s see what interest these bacteria have on health and what’s behind this bifidogenic effect. What are bifidobacteria? Anaerobic bacteria Bifidobacteria enable the preparation of fermented milk such as cheese […]

3 reasons to use the postbiotic ingredient LBiome™ in your product developments

postbiotic ingredient

When developing a new product, it is essential to choose innovative, trendy ingredients, fitting consumers demand. It can be complex, when you know the multitude of possibilities that are available to you. In this article, we explain the 3 reasons why LBiome™ is the postbiotic ingredient to choose for your product development. Trends in biotics, […]

LBiome™ receives the NIE 2021 award

NIE 2021

We are proud to announce that our LBiome™ ingredient receives the NIE 2021 award. The news in detail in this article, with the reasons for this victory and the opinion of our teams. Condition Specific Category NIE 2021 award for LBiome™ Nutrition Industry Executive has awarded LBiome™ for their condition specific category. 4 reasons why […]

Functional solutions: where are we at?

Functional solutions: where are we at?

Today’s consumers are informed and savvy consumers, they are looking for two main things. On the one hand, they want to take care of their health, which has become one of their priorities, especially following the COVID-19 crisis. And on the other hand, they are looking for novelty, practicality and are more and more careful […]

ISAPP definition of postbiotics: what does it change in the world of biotics?

Before diving into the world of postbiotics, let us take a quick look at some essential notions, starting with a reminder of what biotics are. The term “biotics” covers all the solutions designed to improve microbiota (prebiotics, probiotics, postbiotics, synbiotics). The world of biotics is constantly evolving and adapting to consumers concerns. Yet, health concerns […]